The Travis Spouses Club acknowledges the significant contributions of it’s membership. These accepted standards help ensure the protection of our members and the overall organization. Therefore all members agree to the following.


1. Represent a positive image of the Travis Spouses Club within the organization and among the base and neighboring communities.

2. Exhibit an attitude of respect, courtesy, and helpfulness to all members.

3. Display high regard in public forums, in speech, and written word for other members and the organization.

4. Bring concerns with Travis Spouses Club policies or business directly to the Governing Board for clarification.

5. Accept responsibility for my actions and attitude.

6. Ensure that the use of Travis Spouses Club property or its data is appropriate and to safe guard privileged or private records as required.

7. Comply with all laws, regulations, base directives, Constitution, Bylaws, policies, procedures, and refrain from personal conduct or actions that may negatively affect the goodwill and standing of the organization or it’s membership.

8. As a board member of Travis Spouses Club I will ensure the actions and conduct while discharging the duties of office or positions are consistent with the highest standards of common business ethics and professionalism.

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in the immediate removal from position or office, suspension of membership privileges, revocation of membership status, or other administrative actions that are appropriate.