The Travis Spouses Club is a private nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. We have established the following process and the guidelines that govern our philanthropy cause. The following process and guidelines are to ensure that the financial resources of our organization are used in a manner that is fair, transparent, and ensures the integrity of the overall process.


  1. A Donation Request Form is received by the charitable committee coordinator.
  2. If the request is not prohibited by rule and the form contains all the required information then it is ready for consideration. All others will be returned as rejected by the coordinator.
  3. Pending requests may not be updated or amended before the Charitable Committee meeting. This is to ensure that no committee member(s) may be influenced by any one committee member with prior access to the specific request.
  4. Requests should be received no later than the 21st of each month to allow for adequate handling time.
  5. The Charitable Committee members will meet before the Governing Board and consider the pending requests. There is no guarantee all pending requests will be considered at this meeting.
  6. The committee may in it’s own discretion amend the amount requested to conform to goals, rules, or budget compliance.
  7. The Charitable Committee will present to the Governing Board the requests which have been approved.
  8. For approved requests the Governing Board will;
    – Authorize funding by acclamation amounts up to $750,
    – Authorize funding by ratification amounts up to $1500,
    – Send the request to membership for amounts over $1500,
  9. Once an approved request has been funded the charitable committee coordinator will notify the organization that the request has been approved and funded.
  10. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure a representative picks up and sign for the check.
  11. Checks not collected over 30 days past funding will be forfeited.


  1. MUST BE a base, national, or local organization that supports or is affiliated with the military, veteran, base civilian, retiree, or the family members of Travis AFB community. The requestor is an officer, director, or designated representative of that organization who is authorized to solicit donations for the PO.
  2. MAY NOT BE for the direct or indirect benefit of an individual.
  3. MAY NOT be to an organization that will have already benefited in an excess of $1000 already in a board year.
  4. CAN NOT be used to fund food, door prizes, beverages, or childcare for an event.
  5. WILL NOT support or benefit a political or partisan cause or candidate.
  6. DIRECTLY BE for direct financial support of the PO’s mission/operation, a PO’s hosted event, or for a specific item needed by the PO.
  7. CONTAIN all required information on the form, receipts, quotes from different sources, an accurate and full description on how the funds or items will be used or benefit the Travis AFB military community.
  8. STATE an exact amount requested, as no variable or continued funding requests are allowed.
  9. STATE the exact manufacturer, model, or service and costs of any products that will be purchased.

  • Special requests are those that do not meet our normal guidelines but can show with documentation or information about the request that it would have a positive and impactful affect to the Travis AFB community. These requests will need to be approved by a 2/3 vote by the Charitable Committee.
  • Urgent Requests are requests that the Charitable Committee coordinator has determined can not be processed in normal time. The Charitable Committee chairperson may call a special meeting to consider the specific request. If approved the funding of $750 and up to $2000 will be authorized by the Executive Board or sent to the overall membership.
  • Interim Requests are requests which are received by the Travis Spouses Club when a Charitable Committee is in transition or during the summer break months. These requests will be considered by the current Executive Board members. Requests for under $2000 may be approved and funded however for amounts above this limit a unanimous approval will be required by the Executive Board.
  • The Charitable Committee chairperson may at their own discretion allow or disallow requests for consideration to any organization who has already benefited during the current board year.
  • The Charitable Committee will begin meeting in August and have a final meeting before the last Governing Board meeting held in May. All donation requests must be received by the Charitable Committee before a May 1st deadline.

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